LaLa Anthony Partners With Bet Networks For New Documentary: ‘Killer Curves’

Black America Web:  

Executive produced and narrated by Alani “LaLa” Anthony, the BET Truth Series documentary, Killer Curves: Bodies to Die For, investigates the increasingly popular and sometimes fatal trend that is globally impacting the lives of many women of color: black market cosmetic surgery.

For decades, the ideal female body type was said to be tall and thin. In recent years however, the rise of video vixens and reality TV stars have redefined and influenced that image in a profound way. Today, thousands of women are resorting to risky body modifications with an obsession to emulate the exaggerated curves of the hottest pop culture female figures.

The documentary features a range of voices, including recording artist K. Michelle, who discusses how her struggle with body image pushed her to repeat the procedure several times in a quest for perfection. “After I got my butt shots I felt like I had confidence, but then [I had] headaches all the time…I couldn’t even walk.”

In growing numbers, women are choosing backroom procedures, performed in underground clinics, where unlicensed doctors enlarge hips and buttocks using industrial grade silicon and even cement. Cases of botched surgeries have led to severe health complications…even death.

Killer Curves: Bodies to Die For Premiers Wednesday, August 8th at 9:00 PM ET/PT on BET. The documentary is produced by ITV Creative and LaLaLand. Executive producers are David George, Will Nothacker, Jordana Hochman, Antoinetta Hairston and Alani “La La” Anthony.

Launched in July 2015, BET’s Truth Series features original documentary films, directed by award-winning filmmakers that showcase stories about the African-American experience. The 2015 BET Truth Series documentary film Ali: The People’s Champ was honored with the 2015 NAACP Image Award for best documentary and Katrina 10 Years Later: Through Hell and High Water was awarded the 2016 NAMIC Vision Award for best documentary film.

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