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Land Set aside for Affordable Housing

Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas recently announced that the government has already set aside these additional lands because it has long been clear to the government that the existing affordable housing areas, may not be able to accommodate future demands and that this is exactly why these new locations have been set aside.

He stated that the lands will specifically be used to accommodate the normal expansion of existing communities and to prevent the people of the country from feeling denied of a ‘piece of the rock’, in the land of their birth.

Apart from owning land, people also want to own homes, said Douglas, who disclosed that just last week he met with members of the Development and Planning Board, and they are seeking ways as to how they can determine a new strategy to ensure that as many people as possible are able to acquire their own homes of which they can be proud.

Douglas promised that the public will be provided with more details at a later date, including information about the new style of the residential development that the National Housing Cooperation will eventually pursue, under the new policy guidelines and following consultations with the Development
Control and Planning Board.

He added that that point was made very strongly in last week’s presentation at the Lodge community center and hoped the media are sharing that part of the presentation with the public.

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