Large Turnout to MP Condor’s 1st Constituency Meeting

More than 100 persons turned up to Wednesday’s night (Apr 24) meeting held at the St. Johnston’s Community Center.

“This was my first meeting and I was pleasantly surprised at the support I had here. People came out in their numbers and were very enthusiastic about what was happening and so I’m very pleased,” he said.

This was Condor’s first time back at the venue since the January 9 Labour Executive Meeting for Constituency #3 when he clashed with Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas over his public criticisms of the Prime Minister’s actions.

The dissension between PM Douglas and his then Deputy PM had been escalating in the months leading up to the meeting and Condor was asked to “choose a side- PAM or Labour”. Labour party supporters at the meeting were divided in their loyalties to the MP and their Party Leader and the meeting turned into a verbal fracas.

Unlike that meeting, there were no heavily armed police or army personnel present at Condor’s gathering. The MP said there had been no negativity except for one individual who attempted to disrupt the session.

“It was just basically [Curtis] Crooke who was trying a thing but it was nothing serious, nothing we couldn’t handle. Everyone was generally well behaved,” he said.

“We didn’t think police presence was necessary. That is why I decided to take this approach- not to make a public announcement about the meeting; I wanted a quiet meeting. I just invited people specifically so we didn’t give it too much public attention because that might have created some [confusion]. Now that we’ve established what it’s about then in the future I will do an advertisement. That is how it was done in the past, but because of the situation I decided I wouldn’t do it that way this time.”

Condor said he did not perceive any “problems” at future meetings which he said he intends to have on the last Wednesday of every month.

“I don’t think going forward there will be any problems. From what I’ve seen here tonight people are onboard and enthusiastic. This is really encouraging for me.”

When asked if his constituents had been amenable to the idea of a unity government, MP Condor told The Observer the idea was taking root.

“I think the unity idea is really catching on; in fact the unity idea is a people’s idea, that is why it’s so strong, because it isn’t any leadership trying to impose that on people, it came out of the grassroots, the rank and file- the ordinary people who believe that this is the way to go. I think people have become frustrated with the PAM, Labour, the tribalism and division and so on. I think people want a new order and that is why the unity thing is catching on,” he said.

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