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Law Enforcers to be Trained in Hostage Negotiations

That is according to Lieutenant-Colonel Ricardo Vickers, co-director of this year’s programme, which is being held under the theme “Exercise Trade Winds 2012: Enhancing Regional and Hemispheric Security and Stability.”

The June 15-24 exercise will be open to the member states of the Regional Security System (RSS) as well as nine other countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, Haiti and the Bahamas.

While the programme is being sponsored by the United States through the US South Command, participants will also benefit from the expertise of Canada and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), among others.

At a press conference held jointly with officials of the United States military at the Barbados Defence Force Headquarters, Vickers told the media in Bridgetown that the training programme will seek to enhance participants’ capacity to conduct maritime interdiction and other operations combating transnational organised crime.

Vickers said that some of these agencies will be involved specifically with the Ground Force Tactical Training/Law Enforcement aspect of the programme, through which participants will receive the training needed to conduct security operations.

Venues for the training include the Regional Police Training Centre, the Coast Guard base and the Crane Resort.

The training programme was last held in Barbados in 2003.

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