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Lawsuit brewing for new Grenada government

Camper & Nicholson Grenada Limited, a group of investors involved in marine development in Grenada, is reportedly considering legal action against the government.

Indications are that the group has come to the end of its tether after receiving no redress following a legal letter issued to the previous National Democratic Congress government since July 2012, which accuses the government of alleged breaches in relation to the Port Louis Marina development.  

According to the letter circulated to the media, Camper & Nicholson claims that the “breaches” of the agreement by government are becoming “unbearable” and are impeding the continued development and operation of the company’s project’’.

The breaches the government is accused of include dereliction in its public maintenance responsibilities that the investors fear could damage the entire yachting industry, and their project. The investors also complain that they are being charged Value Added Tax and Stamp Tax for some transactions, although they were supposed to have been exempted under the development incentives offered by government.

“Camper & Nicholsons said despite its efforts, there has been ‘no redress’ to its complaints that include the payment of value added tax, and the levying of duties and charges on items, from which the company says it is exempt under the terms of its project agreement’’.

The company is warning that if it continues to be “ignored” by various government departments, and no resolution for the alleged “breaches” is put into effect by the state, it will have “no alternative but to seek redress through the court”. 

Reprinted from Caribbean360

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