Layoffs to follow LIME/FLOW merger

Barbados Workers Union (BWU) General Secretary, Toni Moore broke the news to reporters at a media conference today.

She described the pending action as “natural” because the companies were merging, but said she had no details regarding how many people would be affected or how soon they could be sent home.

“The company sought to approach the union to make us aware that as a consequence of the integration between Cable and Wireless and Columbus, that there would necessarily be impacts on staff,” Moore said.

“Up to this point, there has been no formal indication as to the extent of those impacts, but what the company has said is that in those areas where it recognizes that it may need to shed labour, that every attempt would be made to engage the Barbados Workers Union to make sure that the process in exiting workers is being upheld, and that every effort will be made as well to ensure that to maintain the company’s competitiveness, the best persons will be kept back.”

Prior to the recent merger decision with FLOW, Cable and Wireless, trading as LIME, had undergone significant downsizing over the last decade in response to fundamental changes in market conditions, including the end of its longstanding monopoly with the entry of competition as a result of liberalization of the industry.


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