Lennox D. Liburd Celebrates 60th Birthday With Hundreds of Well Wishers

Over 200 guests converged on the beautifully decorated conference room at the hotel to celebrate the gift of life with the renowned Cayon man who loves his family, community and country unreservedly.

Master of Ceremonies, Duncan Wattley and his co-host Coreentje Phipps-Benjamin promised a fantastic night for all who came out to share with Lennox and they certainly did not disappoint.

Following the hosts’ opening remarks, Reverend Benjamin Browne of the Cayon Church of God invoked God’s presence on the evening’s proceedings.

Lennox’s daughter, Sherisma Liburd, serenaded her father as he danced with his wife Velma to John Legend’s chart buster All of Me. A warm and pleasant mood was certainly alight during Sherisma’s rendition.

A most sumptuous meal was served to the guests while the mingling, reuniting and entertaining continued.

Lennox’s first child, Sharon Bemjamin, compiled an exciting power point presentation featuring a look back on the life and times of Lennox. Pictures of his youth through to recent years showed Lennox with his family and friends, at work and at play on the cricket pitch.

During his early twenty’s, Lennox lead a group of five men who called themselves the Jackson Five. They were by no means regarded as singers but they certainly gained a reputation for other things. On Friday August 1, one lucky guest won a $25 gift certificate for correctly naming the five original members of that group, the Jackson Five.

The excitement heightened once the segment for honoring Lennox began. The two minute rule for congratulatory messages was broken from the outset. Those who rose to speak about Lennox assured the audience that it was absolutely impossible to speak about a man with such a rich story in  a meager 120 seconds.

Host Douglas Wattley batted first saluting his teacher and reaffirming his role as pupil.  He openly expressed his love for the man known simply as Lennox.

Trevor Isaac held nothing back! His comedic presentation had the guests filled with tears of laughter as he touched on several aspects of Lennox’s personal life including his brief stint residing in England. His two minutes easily turned into over eight minutes and the guests loved it.

Lennox’s dear friend and brother Rawle Isaac found it difficult to end his salute and although the power on his mic went out, he promised to continue until he said all he planned to articulate about his friend and brother.  He spoke to the fun side of his 50 plus years with Lennox as well as the serious side. Isaac was determined to have his say about Lennox and so he did.

Carl Isaac also rose to express his heartfelt love for Lennox as did the ever eloquent and fired up Enver Pemberton as well as constituency 8 parliamentary representative Eugene Hamilton. Lennox’s mother Olivia Charles proudly offered brief birthday greetings to her son making way to Kennedy Phipps who shared some of his experiences with the celebrant. Levi “Entertainer” Weekes e-mailed his heartfelt best wishes to his lifetime friend.

Not at all renowned as a man of few words, when the time came for the man of the night to speak, Lennox spoke but a few words expressing a wealth of thanks to all for traveling from various corners of the earth to share with him and his family. Lennox was clearly moved. His biggest surprise that night was the unannounced arrival of one of his daughters, Jadeen Liburd who he has not seen for a number of years. Jadeen currently resides overseas.

The night ended with the acknowledgment of a birthday celebrant, Mr. Patrick White, who attended with his family to celebrate Lennox’s birthday.

Musical entertainment by the well loved Modern Image Band and popular DJ Lincoln Bass enlivened the guests and kept the party spirits high.

Lennox’s post birthday celebration continued days after. On Saturday August 2, a day tour of Nevis allowed for mingling with friends, family and the exploration of the sister island all while indulging in a wide array of delectable food and drinks.

After attending Church services on Sunday August 3rd, family time at the Liburd’s home in Cayon replaced the Catamaran Cruise that was postponed because of anticipated inclement weather. The laughter, story telling, eating and drinking continued late into the night.

August Monday was a day for cricket. Champions of the cricket pitch of old as well as present stars put on their cricket gear and gave a brilliant performance on the grounds of the St. Mary’s Park located at Cunningham Village or Shanty Town in Cayon. There was an abundance of laughter that afternoon as well as delicious food and refreshing drinks. The men put on a great show and even the birthday celebrant Lennox managed to score some runs, albeit a meager number.

Tuesday August 5 was spent socializing and entertaining friends while Wednesday, August 6 was Family and Friends night at Sprat Net.

Lennox’s 60th birthday celebration will be forever etched in his family history book as an exciting and extremely special occasion. His friends and loved ones who celebrated with him and made precious memories will be cherished forever. 

Another exciting chapter in Lennox’s earthly sojourn has begun.  

The family of Lennox Liburd extends sincere thanks to ALL who helped make the celebration of Lennox’s 60th birthday a memorable one.



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