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Lessons the CCM should learn from the US Presidential Election

This Nevisian went on overdrive smearing Obama’s name on the SKN List. Unfortunately for his party, thinking that their high priest was that ‘high’, they started behaving like Mitt Romney as they went about in their local campaign.
The CCM people were so bent on their admiration for Romney that it came to fore on Tuesday October 23 on the Let’s Talk Programme. Here is how:
Host ‘Webbo’ Herbert: “In less than five seconds you (Theodore Hobson) have used, you know what common word you have used twice?”
Hobson: “No..”
Webbo: “Agree.”
Hobson: “I agree.”
Webbo: “You know who you sound like?”
Hobson: “Oh yes, Mr Romney,” and they laughed heartily.
We in Nevis extend congratulations to the people of the USA for re-electing President Obama who in the face of a global economic meltdown managed to keep the nation on an even keel after he would have introduced the now famous economic stimulus package that ensured Americans stayed afloat economically.
But long before President Obama announced his economic stimulus package, right here in our little Nevis, Premier the Hon Joseph Parry had introduced a successful economic stimulus package that helped Nevis ride out the economic storm that had been brought about by world recession and the closure of the Four Seasons Resort.
The CCM party accused Premier Parry of running dry the treasury and running up debts. But did they accuse him of keeping Nevisians in employment? Why didn’t they accuse America, even with its enormous wealth, of running up one of the highest debts in history?
The best CCM could do was to listen to their high priest in America, who is a rabid Republican, as he supported politics of the rich, while hurling insults at Obama’s approach to politics and economics that address plight of the poor. He and his CCM compatriots have been doing the same to the successful manner Premier Parry handled a bad economic situation to the advantage of the ordinary Nevisian.
Take for example the two-letters-writer politician from St. James, who went on national radio to castigate a young man from Charlestown, who is from a well- known CCM family, because the NRP-led administration had given him concessions to put up rental units in St. James.
When a friend of the young entrepreneur called to the radio station to explain the circumstances behind the whole scenario, he was rudely cut off. The mother of the young entrepreneur called and indentified herself, but even before she could say what she had to say, the Hon Alexis Jeffers cut her off.
We are now headed to the polls. I will ask the CCM people, and I have many friends among them, why would they choose a political party that works for the downfall of its own people? Why choose a party whose best offer is dog rearing? Why is the CCM treating Nevisians that low? Do people know how dirty a job it is to keep dog kennels clean?
So, Nevisians are only good to clean dog waste. Thank you CCM. Parry and his NRP team, with a record of success, having guided Nevis when the world economy was at its lowest, have better options for Nevisians now that the world economy is rising back to its feet.
In his acceptance speech early Wednesday morning (November 7), President Obama told Americans: “We knew in our hearts that for the United States of America the best is yet to come.” But let us not forget that when the NRP held its Convention on Sunday October 28, Premier Parry told Nevisians: “NRP… Best for Nevis.”
And the Republicans have started pouring cold water on Obama’s win saying that he has no clear mandate to rule, as he won by a lesser margin than during his first term win. Are they not talking just like the CCM people here in Nevis?
While the best is yet to come for the United States of America, the best is already here for Nevis:  The Nevis Reformation Party, led by its dynamic and visionary leader, the Hon Joseph W. Parry.
Is it then a wonder that a young and vibrant leader in the region accepted the invitation to be the guest speaker at the NRP Convention, which was held at the ultra-modern Nevis Performing Arts Centre?
By simply accepting to come to Nevis at a time when the island is preparing to face an election, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Hon Roosevelt Skerrit, gave a big endorsement to the Parry-led Nevis Reformation Party.
No leader worth his salt would want to give an endorsement to a party that leads its people to the path of dog cleaning and destruction.
Before I go to the topic I had meant to address this week, but one that has been overtaken by events that have taken place in the USA, let me first extend a word of prayer and encouragement to the family of Mr Henry Browne QC, who recently suffered stroke.
Mr Browne is the quintessential constitutional lawyer whose input is greatly being missed now that the CCM has gone on overdrive as it continues to confuse the public as to what is best for our island.
I will also extend congratulations to Mr Theodore Hobson QC who was formally conferred with the honourable professional accolade on Friday October 26. While congratulating him, radio host Mr Evered ‘Webbo’ Herbert said that he liked the song ‘Coward of the County’. Thank God he did not say that he approves its message.
Mr Hobson is a bulldog as his junior colleague, Mr Mark Brantley, had at one time told Nevis, and at his age and title, he (Hobson) should speak out now and let the world know if he approves the message of the song. Nevis is not the Wild West some misguided people think it is when they play cowboy music.
I am not in a position to speak for him, especially when he goes on VON radio (on Tuesday October 23) and utters the following words: “There will be no peace and tranquillity in this country until the people get the government they deserve and the government that represents them.”
I have mentioned the two lawyers because as a lot of persons have come out trying to interpret the Constitution of St. Kitts and Nevis in a manner that only appeals to them. Browne was mentioned on a talk show on Tuesday October 23.
On the Let’s Talk Programme, hosted by Mr Herbert, a guest in the name of the Hon Vance Amory said that it was not constitutional for Premier Parry to call for a full local election.
I will not waste valuable time repeating what the former Premier said, but suffice is to say that a caller to the programme asked the host to play a tape of what Lawyer Henry Browne had said after the OECS Court of Appeal upheld the ruling of Justice Jones.
The host stated that he was not sure that he could get it, but later he said that one of his staff had found it and he played it, not once but twice.
After the heavyweights came in the second half, he told them: “He (Browne) stated categorically that we are now headed for a by-election and he did not opinionise it. His authority was the Constitution that is what is laid out.”
Further in the programme he reminded the heavyweights: “You heard what Dr Browne said; Dr Browne said that a by-election must now be held, according to the law, but according to other sources a by-election will not be held.”
However, based on the recording that Mr Herbert played, this is what Dr Browne had said in that interview:
“The people now will have to make the decision one way or the other, or there must be a by-election within ninety days. Let the people decide, I have no quarrel with that. I am firm believer in democracy.”
I have never professed to be a student of English Literature, but the little knowledge I have of the subject tells me that what Dr Browne said was quite explicit to the effect that THE PEOPLE NOW WILL HAVE TO MAKE THE DECISION ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, OR….. LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE.
Let me not waste any sensible person’s time trying to explain what Dr Browne meant.
In their desperation to get back to power, Hon Vance Amory has shown scant respect for the Constitution when he accuses the NRP of padding the voters’ list. If the CCM cannot, through a constitutional process, object to those names shouldn’t he keep quiet?
On Wednesday October 31, there was a charter plane parked at the Vance Amory Airport, which is alleged to have brought CCM supporters from the USVI to register as voters: Was the CCM thinning the voters’ list?
I will end with this: Is Theodore Hobson QC not misleading Nevisians, when he announces on VON radio that he does not recognise the Hon Joseph Parry as the leader of Nevis, yet he pleads, on the same radio, for Parry not to call a full election?
Hobson said in one part: “My opinion is that when the Court of Appeal gave its decision, it clearly meant that Mr Parry’s position has become untenable and that his position was null and void. And so therefore, since I have taken that position I would say Mr Parry has no power at all to do anything.”
Then exactly 17 minutes and 32 seconds later he says: “My, my question is, and it is a very big question, why is it that Mr Parry wants a general election. We had a general election last year, millions of dollars were spent clearly, with all these jets coming in here and bringing.. is that what Mr Parry wants, another set of millions to be spent in one year, in just over a year? It doesn’t make any sense.”
Are you serious Mr Hobson? How can Hon Parry then call the elections if you Mr Hobson is saying he has no power?

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