Lester Bird Nominated for Knighthood

The former Prime Minister, whose nomination was rejected in 2008, seems likely to carry the title Sir, come this November.

Bird, who carries the title Leader Emeritus of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP), was unable to be reached for a comment on the matter on Monday.

Gaston Browne has nominated three people for Knighthood, and according to him, the former ABLP leader has made the second largest contribution to the development of Antigua and Barbuda, behind only his father Sir. Vere C. Bird.

Other nominations for the title to be afforded to Paul “King Obstinate” Richards and cricket icon Andy Roberts was sent to Governor General Dame Louise Lake Take.

Bird’s 2008 nomination was rejected due to his heavy active political life. Whether that fact would be a hindrance this year is one that remains to be seen. His participation in the 2014 General Elections as a candidate on the ABLP ticket has long been confirmed.

The only factor baring known to bar eligibility for knighthood in Antigua and Barbuda is that serving members of the National Honours Committee cannot be nominated. Therefore, Gaston Browne does not expect his predecessor’s nomination to be rejected.

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