Let us not forget


“It astonishes me that there are some amongst us, who feel that we must completely forget these horrific events, banish them from memory, so that some may pretend for their own artificial comfort that life continues without consequence, for the murderous betrayal inflicted on this nation 30 years ago,” said Leslie Ann Seon as she reflected on the 30th anniversary of the killings of the then Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, several of his cabinet and other citizens.

“But this day must not be forgotten and the history of it, a complete and undistorted version, must be comprehensively recorded in permanent medium, and thereto form part of the annals of our national archives, so that no one can deny the tragedy that took place on this day,” she said while referring to October 19th 1983 as this “murderous betrayal inflicted on this nation.”


She said those who would wish to bury the truths, which unfolded in spite of and despite the tyrannical efforts to crush it from revelation, must now be assured that this will never happen. 

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