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Liam Hemsworth Breaks Silence on Life After Miley Cyrus

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” star, 23, finally broke his silence about life after Cyrus, 20, and said, “These days I feel like I’m more centered and grounded than I’ve ever been.”

Hemsworth and Cyrus announced the split in September after being engaged for more than a year. Immediately after the split, Hemsworth was photographed with Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez, prompting possible cheating rumors.

“What I always keep in mind is that I know what the truth is and that’s all that matters,” he told the AP. “I know I’m a good person.”

The actor also gives props to his “Hunger Games” co-star and media darling Jennifer Lawrence for snapping him out of his post-breakup funk.

“Being around someone like Jen, who is so honest and laughs all day long, I am forced to be in the right now,” he said. ”I’m much happier.”

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