LIAT Aircraft Makes Emergency Landing in Antigua

In a press release by LIAT, 24 passengers and a four-member crew were in the aircraft at the time, but no one was injured.

“The aircraft is being examined by the company’s maintenance department and will undergo the various checks stipulated by the manufacturer before it is returned to service,” the release informed.

It was just after 10.30 am on Thursday 2nd December that the Police and Fire Department were summoned into service for the emergency landing at VC Bird International Airport.

According to one of the passengers, she was very impressed with how LIAT’s pilots handled the situation, the release added.

“All kudos must be given to the pilots,” the person said. “It was an excellent landing. He assured us that everything would have been okay. Everybody was very calm on the flight and it was probably one of the best landings I have ever had with full wheels on the plane.”



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