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LIAT re-commences Cargo Service for agri produce

Kaieteur News understands that this service which targets agricultural produce recognizes the great demand for these products, thus efforts are being focused on the issue of logistics, cargo being reliable, adequate space, and of course, affordable cargo.

LIAT had earlier begun to offer these services, however, due to issues such as climatic events they were “scaled down”.

Currently the airline has the capacity to take in excess of 7000 lbs per week to the Eastern Caribbean and beyond.

Director, Cargo and Quick Pack of LIAT airline, Wilbur Edwards, explained that his company considers the “Guyana market” to be one that is very important which plays a pivotal role.

“We have already met with CARICOM secretariat and they were very supportive of the increase in trade and business for farmers and exporters. We started the cargo/ freighter service in February this year and over three-quarter of one million lbs so far has been exported and this is climbing”

Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, stated that it is hoped that agro-exporters will “tap into it” and the New Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) is expected to be working closely with LIAT as it relates to marketing in countries where Guyana currently holds no market share.

“After waiting for a very long time, two weeks ago, Caribbean Airlines advised on the freighter service between Georgetown and Miami and we are waiting on word for the freighter between Georgetown and New York. The service with LIAT has recommenced and we are ascertaining agricultural product needs and discussions will continue”, added Persaud.

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