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Liburd urges Citizens to get Vaccinated

Liburd stated that the federation can boast of a high immunization rate amongst children but added that these gains can be easily eroded if populations of susceptible individuals increase in our federation

“I would like to thank parents and guardians for their support and cooperation in diligently attending child health clinics. I must also take this opportunity to commend the staff who co-ordinate the immunization program for their dedication and commitment to their achievement of their national goals and objectives.”

Liburd added that the Ministry is cognizant of its role, and in the current situation, wants to continue to advocate the eradication of vaccine preventable diseases such as Rebala, Measles and Polio as well as mobilizing the necessary resources to support the introduction of new and under used vaccines to continue to strengthen the public health infrastructure.

“We need the involvement and support of the general public to realize a culture of prevention. This is particularly important when travelling, in order to keep vaccine preventable diseases from being exported or imported from other countries, “she added.

The Minister then urged members in the general public to do their part to protect the world by getting vaccinated.

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