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LIME Keeping St. Kitts & Nevis on Frontlines of Telecommunications

Minister of Telecommunications in the Federal Government of St. Kitts & Nevis, Glenn Phillip, told company officials and specially invited guests at the official Corporate Launch Event of the new mobile technology known as 4G, that LIME has played a major role in helping the people of this small Caribbean nation, keep apace of the developments in this information age.

“I am intimately aware of the challenges that your company has encountered in getting to a state of readiness. I know of the struggles that you have worked hard to overcome and it is because of this knowledge I can salute your hard working staff who worked that much harder so that LIME St. Kitts & Nevis can today offer first rate international 4G service to the people of this country and roaming visitors.”
It was the view of Minister Phillip that through LIME’s introduction of the technological advancement the company has once again raised the profile of the country, as a sought after destination with sufficient rustic charm to draw visitors to the world over, yet  possessing all the modern amenities to meet first world standards and their expectations.
The Telecommunications Minister told LIME that “This is your night to celebrate and consolidate this victory of launching 4G coverage in this country.” He said his confidence in the company is high, knowing that they will be successful in eventually providing 100% coverage nationally.
Phillip told corporate customers who were in attendance that a whole new world is now at the fingertips of the people in the country and with the launch of the 4G network, LIME has proven that it is a serious player in the information technology sector.

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