Living with Balance and not Fear

The excitement and comfort, even the relaxation he receives just by doing this simple chore, makes him LEVELED, happy, composed and at peace, even if just for that moment as he rode his mower, no matter what he has going on in his life. This was an end result I couldn’t understand, derived from a task I once saw as laboring, however, it was evident in his eyes each moment at the end of his duty that it is not what you do that defines you, but more so how you do it that propels you.

Sometimes when difficulties arise in any form, it is easy to give up, but if we are to realize our desires, we have to refuse to make, or allow failure to be an option. It can be exhausting at times where effort is concerned, but we have to strive for excellence, no matter how measurable. Too many of us get caught up with looking at what our neighbor has, or has done, as  measuring tool for how great we are or need to be. That is not the way to live! We can either make the decision to give up or not, however, if we decide to persist, we will automatically accomplish our goals in stages, but we must be clear about what we want.

When we are committed to success, we really can’t give ourselves access to that backdoor in our minds from which to escape. The wise man also said, “go hard all the time and measure your success by the happiness in your heart thereafter.” From my own experience, nothing can stand between a man and his highest ideals, and or desires of the heart but his own self-doubt. The toxicity of this can ruin all that you are and can be, just for the mare fact that you will always second guess yourself. Not only that, you will also fuel the negativity that comes from those who do not wish you well in life, thereby always seeking self-fulfillment and reinforcement from others rather than from within, or even from those true to you. All such a plague will do, is encourage the very thing we hope to move away from. Clear your mind and push through!

The wealth and longevity of our country comes from our youth, so we must make sure that they have the tools, gifts even, to do what is necessary to make this fact a reality. For too long there has been deprivation and neglect that has left an unwarranted path of nothing but desperation and turmoil in our federation. We, like many other cultures, are a strong willed people. No one can take our identity away from us, or should they be allowed to. However, there needs to be a major infusion of encouragement and mentorship within our community, but for this to be a continued success, the boundaries that prevail, much of which are pride based, must be broken.

Do not be afraid to talk and asked questions, no matter if a friend may laugh at you. Even if they do, you will be the better of the two. Our environment breeds criticism unnecessarily, far too often. We have many brilliant youth/people within our land. When we look back at our history, look at how many State Scholars, brilliant doctors, lawyers, teachers, and nurses etc., whom have been produced by our federation, and still are being produced by our environment. Look at the number of successful business men, self-educated or otherwise, that we have in our land. Individuals, had they been in the US, would be plastered across the very magazines we read for insight and motivation. Why not road map what they have done, that which we haven’t considered, and implement it. We have a self-sufficient environment of knowledge and intellect to pride ourselves with. No matter your specialty, master your craft. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and pose challenges to things you don’t understand. Be strong in all that you do.

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