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LOC keeping its eyes on LIAT’s pilot strike

According to committee head Keithley Phillip, if the strike goes ahead, it would impact greatly on the amount of persons who are planning to come for the games.

“LIAT is the official carrier of CARIFTA 2015, and any industrial action on their part or the part of the workers of LIAT or the pilots, would severely impact us hosting the games,” said. Phillip.

He added that most of the representing islands are coming from “down south”, and as such, they would be severely impacted. “LIAT is the airline again that they are booked on, so any industrial action would severely impact them,” he noted.   

There is no contingency plan currently in place should the airline go ahead with its planned industrials action, the LOC head disclosed.

“At this 20th hour, there is no alternative. Our only alternative is to appeal to the employees of LIAT to not go ahead with their industrial actions. That is the only fall back that we have!” Phillip exclaimed, adding, “As you may know, LIAT is the only premier carrier for the Eastern Caribbean, and if they were not running, then we would not have an option.”

The Athletics Association is mulling the option of writing to the airline about the fallouts of its planned strike actions for St. Kitts and Nevis hosting the games, since resources have been expended for the staging of the premier track and field meet of the region.

It is understood that the pilots are planning their strike actions for the busy Easter weekend, where travel is at its peak, and it coincides with the CARIFTA games.

Over 800 junior athletes and supporters from 25 countries are expected to converge in the Federation for the games.


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