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Local Cricket League Opened

The encouragement came from the Director of Sports Dave Connor who made a presentation at the opening ceremony of the 2012 St. Kitts Cricket Association local league at Warner Park on Saturday (14th April).

Connor also pleaded to cricketers to care the venues and take action if one witnesses vandalism taking place at any of the facilities, because they are used for the development of sport.

Interim Chairman of the St. Kitts Cricket Association Auckland Hector stated his pleasure with the progress made by his committee in the 2 months of their reign.

Hector also revealed the new plans that are in place, regarding the restructuring of the league, including the implementation of a Premier Division and the inauguration of a promotion and relegation system between the first and second divisions.

The opening ceremony also saw the recital of the’ Players Oath’ done by Patrick Walters of the Len Harris Cricket Academy who on behalf of all players pledged to honour the rules of the game and show respect to the officials. A similar oath was made by the president of the umpires association.

Following the ceremony, the league was bowled off with a match between Rural East and Rural West. The other featured match of the day was played between Basseterre and the Len Harris Cricket Academy.


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