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Locals Take Advantage of VAT Thursday

Customers and business owners who enjoyed the reduction have also made a call for the Government to make it an annual activity.

One local store, Island Hopper went a step further and offered and even more special sales bargain today when they paid the additional 7% VAT for their customers, thereby providing a greater incentive to would be shoppers.

Also in Basseterre the banks saw large numbers at their ATM lines as customers tried to withdraw funds for their heavy shopping excursions.

To facilitate customers, a number of businesses remained opened for extended hours to give consumers more time to take advantage of this opportunity.

An official from the Ministry of Finance stated “Customers should remember when you pick-up an item on the shelf, the price of the good would still contain the old 17%.”

However, the official has cautioned that, when you are at the cashier, the amount paid should be less than the display price. Customers were also encouraged to collect their receipts when making purchases to ensure that the correct amount is charged.”

The official added that officers from Inland Revenue Department were scheduled to visit registered businesses during the reduction period to ensure that approved businesses were applying the 7% Special Rate.

The VAT Reductions will continue until 11:59pm this evening.

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