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Look Loy wants EFA elections delayed

Look Loy’s slate comprises of Roger Griffith and Frank Rodriguez for the two vice-president positions, Anil Maraj and Farlon Thomas, committee members, with the nominations seconded by Prisons Sports Club and submitted on August 10, within the constitutional deadline of 14 days prior to the elections. But, in a statement issued to EFA member clubs on Thursday, Look Loy wrote, “word reached me from within the Prisons SC hierarchy that Prisons has withdrawn their secondment of the nominations.

“While Prisons’ unprecedented decision has yet to be officially communicated to me or any other candidate, it is clear that pressure has been exerted on Prisons by known elements to have the nomination of opposing candidates, including a Prisons SC member, Griffith, declared null and void, to declare themselves unopposed, and to return themselves to office for yet another term.


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