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Looking for a Husband? Viola Davis says Prayer works


Page Six reports that Davis, 47, revealed her secret at the premiere for her latest movie, “Beautiful Creatures.”


“The Help” star told Page Six, “I was the loneliest woman in the world, and someone said, ‘You should just pray for a husband.’” So Davis got down on her knees and prayed.


I said I wanted a big black man from the South who looked like a football player, who already had children, who maybe had been married before… 3 1/2 weeks later I met my husband,” Davis said.


Davis wed 59-year-old actor and former college football player Julius Tennon in 2003. They adopted a baby girl, Genesis, last year.


It helps that Davis met a seasoned, mature man, rather than an oversexed young buck to rearrange her furniture. Studies show that women who marry older men tend to stay in their marriages longer. That is because older men are done sowing their wild oats (at that age, there aren’t too many oats to sow).

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