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Lord Matt to Open King of the Tents Calypso Competition

Lord Matt is amongst the eight (8) contenders who are being described as the “spirit” of the calypso tents and the carnival in general. They are also the top calypsonians who produce some of the funniest, satirical, and witty calypso compositions; and now they are preparing to do battle in their third annual competition, to determine who the true king of the calypso tents is.

According to the organizers, the following will be the order of appearance:

  1. Lord Matt
  2. Little Willy
  3. Lala
  4. Aba Lively
  5. Unexpected
  6. Honesty
  7. Rock-a-Fella
  8. Persuader

Defending monarch, King Rock-a-fella has issued a warning to all other competitors, including De Unexpected, that it will not be an easy task to defeat him in this year’s King of the Tents Calypso Competition, which will be held from 9:00pm.

Rock-a-fella said that he is more than prepared and is urging his fans throughout St. Kitts and Nevis, to mobilize their support, by either voting for him online (at or via the texting platform to be made available.

Similarly, fans of the other calypsonians would have the opportunity to cast their votes as well. Again, no formal judges will be used for the contest; it is the public that will be given the responsibility to vote and determine the winners. Two avenues will be provided; the online poll on, which opens on Monday 17th December, and the text to vote platform that opens on Wednesday 19th December, the day before the actual contest.

To support each calypsonian and to help decide who should be crowned king, text:

  • ROC to 9696 (King Rock-a-fella)
  • UNX to 9696 (De Unexpected)
  • Aba to 9696 (Aba Lively)
  • Hon to 9696 (Mighty Honesty)
  • Lil to 9696 (Little Willy)
  • Lal to 9696 (Lala)
  • Per to 9696 (Persuader)
  • Mat to 9696 (Lord Matt)

Guest artiste will include Mighty Takeover, Pungwa, Forest, BraBread, Lord Black, Trashrow and Godfrey.

When the competition was first held in 2010, it was won by De Unexpected while Rock-a-fella secured the title in 2011.

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