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Loud noise during J’ouvert could affect children’s hearing… says Paediatrician

Blaring sounds from the music systems, the doctor indicated, could have an adverse effect on the children’s hearing in the future and as such he is calling on all parents to be mindful of their children and the loud noises during the carnival period.

“The music is much too loud and the loud noise would damage their hearing. There will be no pain or bleeding but it would just affect their hearing later.”

One major impact the loud noise can have on the children is slurred speech, resulting from a damaged hearing system, the doctor said.

“If their hearing is damaged earlier on, it could affect their speech development as well as their hearing. Parents should make sure that when they have kids in a band, they should have them at the back so that the kids don’t get all the blast of the music.”

Jacobs explained that carnival is one of the noisy occasions in St. Kitts and Nevis, but pointed out that on any normal day parents drive around with their children in vehicles where the radio sets are blasting music.

That too he noted accounts for major damage to the children’s hearing.

On that note, he recommends that parents who insist on walking with their children to the J’ouvert Morning and Parade Day activities, that they should not stay on the side of the roads with their young ones, because they will get the full blast of the bands when they pass.

“But if you are going to stand on the side of the road, you should cover the children’s ears while the bands are passing. But ideally they should be at the back of the band so that they don’t get the full blast of the music.”

When it comes to the children parade, Dr. Jacobs recommends that the bands do not play the music as loud as they normally do during the senior parade.

“ If the band could turn down their volume a bit more, it doesn’t have to be as loud as they  have it for the adults  and to have some spacing in between the truck with the speakers and the kids who are parading especially the smaller kids or put the larger kids higher up  and the smaller kids further behind. And even so, for the older kids put some space between the truck and where the kids are dancing.”



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