Major Percival Lashes Back at CIC, Defends National Security Permanent Secretary

The Chamber and NGOs held a meeting on Wednesday, 18th May, 2011 to discuss the crime situation in the Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis and specifically, the proposed 10-point plan which the Ministry of National Security was seeking to implement. The meeting, according to a CIC press release, agreed with the initiative but made recommendations by way of a resolution, one of which was the appointment of a new National Security Permanent Secretary.

Mr. Percival recently disseminated an article – which bears his byline – to the media in which he objected to the CIC and NGOs call and praised Mrs. Browne for the service she has provided to this country in her capacity of National Security Permanent Secretary.

“I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Mrs. Browne is likewise the rudder and wheel also the compass steering this great ship of state security. She is not an easy walk over, she has her head on and she makes well informed and sound decisions to the benefit of the nation where national security is concerned. I can unreservedly say that National Security has completely engulfed this fine and distinguished lady. She breathes national security, she sings national security (with a talent that is also known to many in the spiritual community); I am almost certain that when she prays to our God she includes National Security. This Ministry is the blood that runs in her veins and it has gone way beyond a mere job for her, but she has taken the safety and security of our country so dear to her heart. There are many strategic and operational plans initiated by Mrs. Browne for the security forces. Whenever a violent crime occurs, this dedicated lady will drop every thing that she is doing and immediately coordinate resources to solve these offences. We would be very motivated because if it is midday or midnight the same commitment and intensity are ever present.

“The only thing left for Mrs. Browne to do is to be fitted in a uniform (grey police shirt and a military camouflage pant) to patrol our streets. I dare to say she would be on call 24/7. The nation is privileged to have her services and as a consequence, I want to let her know that even when Christ was on earth doing his father’s will, healing the sick and feeding the multitude and doing all manner of good, though they find no fault in him and had no cause to castigate him. It was Pontius Pilate and some around him that said, “Give us Barabbas and crucify Christ.” If truth be told and were we to follow her guidelines for managing the resources given to the security forces, we would have been even further ahead of the game today in many ways. She is a ‘stickler’ for protocol, procedure and accountability. The lack of will to sustain our strategic planning and operations is at the core of the perception of failure by the security forces.”

Major Percival described the NGOs’ resolution as “very alarming and embarrassing to say the very least” and questioned, “…could it be construed that these recommendations are nothing more than mere political red herring that are being brandished in the air not only to distract but to sully the pure and pristine waters of the Ministry and to throw the nation’s security apparatus in a state of confusion?”

The retired Major also made strong suggestions that the individuals or NGO’s represented at the meeting might have ulterior motives.

“There is a popular phase that says “A king has no honour in his own country”. I can now add “A queen has no honour in her own country”. History has not only taught us, but the bible which is the Holy Word of God so rightfully and fittingly says that not even a prophet has honor in his own country. It is no wonder that the chicken has now come home to roost and those people with secret agendas, who took solace and hide behind the cloak of certain groups and organizations have banded together, not for the interest of the country.”

The National Security Permanent Secretary has been described as by Percival as a trailblazer who is fully capable of executing her duties. He called for fairness to reign and in issuing a word of encouragement to Mrs Browne, Percival expressed, “I say stand tall…you are a true champion to the service of security nationally, regionally and internationally. We thank you Madam Browne!!!”

To view the Major Percival’s entire article, please visit

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