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Man & woman being sought by police

The authorities have advised that a man known to them as Keston “blacka” Joseph is wanted by the violent crime unit of the royal St. Christopher and Nevis police force for questioning in the fatal shooting that occurred in Cayon on Monday 12 August, 2013.

Keston Verin Alex Joseph   is 25 years old and known to be living in Cayon/Ottley’s, and is 5‘11” in height and dark in complexion and weighs about 142-168 pounds.

They are also in search of Itesha Huggins aka Kizzy of Conaree, Basseterre, and St. Kitts. They said that they are interesting in locating and arresting Ms. Huggins for the offence of Larceny by Servant, which was committed on 8th August 2013. 

Huggins is 28 years old, last known to be living in Conaree, 5’ 6” in height, and is dark in complexion with black hair, brown eyes.


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