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Man arrested for beating police while other being held for ammunition

It was on Wednesday, 11th December, 2013, when Vernan Duporte of Half Way Tree, is said to have had his confrontation with police, following which they were forced to charge and arrest him for battery on police.

Other charges were also laid against Duporte, for obstruction and resisting arrest. The incidents took place in Duporte’s home village of half Way Tree.

Police also arrested Vincent Nicholls, who, like Duporte is from Half Way Tree. He is being held also for the offences of Obstruction, Resisting Arrest and Battery on Police, which were committed the same day, (on 11th December 2013).

Also arrested on 11th December was Victor Challenger of The Alley, Sandy Point who was formally arrested and charged for the offence of possession of shot gun cartridge.

Other recent arrests by the police include that of a juvenile, for the offence of breaking into a house ad Stolen Goods, which was committed on 25 November 2013.





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