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Man gets Liposuction to keep up with Young wife

So much so that he recently got knifed up in more ways than one in an effort to stay slimmy trimmy for his lil pretty wife.

Donovan from Braintree, Essex, was once in very good shape – exercising regularly and eating healthily – but nevertheless he struggled to maintain a body that was toned and muscular through exercise alone.

54-year-old Donovan Nelson, who has undergone laser liposuction and pec implants, wants to keep up with his 33-year-old wife.

Speaking to MailOnline, Donovan said: ‘You can only go so far with exercise and at my age it’s much harder to keep the weight off.

‘I do a lot of cardio but it’s hard to shift the fat in certain areas, especially after a certain age. The good thing about this treatment is it’s targeted weight loss off the area you want to lose it from. I had love handles and fat below my pecs and I wanted to get rid of it.’

He underwent the treatment six months ago and it set him back £10,000 but he maintains that it was worth every penny.

Hmmmm. It’s not uncommon for women to get sucked and tucked when they feel like it….but did this GUY take it a little too far?

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