Man Stabbed at Funeral of Murder Victim

Press and Public Relations Officer for the police force, Inspector Vaughan Henderson, in a press release issued on 14th April, 2011, explained that the incident took place at about 3:45 on the afternoon of 13th April, 2011 at the St. Georges Anglican Church yard, Basseterre.

The release further explained that while there, 27-year-old Wayne ‘Chi Chi’ Hendrickson of Lower Prickley Pear Alley, Basseterre, was stabbed in his back and beaten about his body by a group of men which entered the church yard.

Officers of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) were summoned to the scene, immediately responded and accordingly conducted investigations.

The young man was reportedly taken to the Joseph N. France General Hospital where he underwent emergency medical treatment and was warded in stable condition. According to the police release, however, since then, Hendrickson discharged himself from the hospital and a search is in progress for a number of suspects who were believed to have been involved in the incident.


Investigations are ongoing.


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