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Markus Myrie expands on Buju Banton’s legacy

At 17, the lanky Myrie is Buju’s eldest son. He has been making waves with productions on his Markus Records label, which is based at his father’s Gargamel studio off Red Hills Road in St Andrew.

“Markus Records is bringing its own style, its own sound and just quality music to the game. I’m just doing me and encouraging others to give a listening ear to my productions,” Myrie told Splash this week.

The label made its production debut with the Beating Stick rhythm last October. However, it is its latest effort, the 5th Gear beat that has been making noise, not only in Jamaica but in ethnic markets overseas.

“The 5th Gear has proven itself to be an even better project and is getting very good rotation worldwide,” Myrie said.

Aside from rhythm projects, he has worked on a number of songs including I Octane’s Mama Food Put On, Whine Me and Why Life Nuh Sweet by Blak Ryno, and Tongue Ring by Ninja Kid.

He has also produced a handful of songs for his father who is serving a 10-year prison sentence in the United States for drug trafficking.

He spoke of his favourite Buju Banton song.

“It’s Close One Yesterday, simply because it is a very calm, soothing, uplifting song and it helps me to ‘keep strong and hold a firm meditation’.”

Markus Myrie got involved in music production after completing the requisite educational training. He attended Wolmer’s Prep School and later Meadowbrook High. After gaining passes in CXC, he went to the Creative Production and Training Centre where he pursued an engineering course.

Even with his father’s reputation in the music industry, it has not been an easy road for Myrie.

“It wasn’t the same situation with every artiste; some were easy to get, some took more time and some are still taking time,” he said. “It isn’t as hard, but not as easy as one would like to believe.”

Buju Banton, who started out in the business at around the same age, did not always embrace his son’s musical ambitions.

“He didn’t want me to pursue music as a career unless it was the business part of it,” Myrie revealed.

Markus Records has quite a lot on its plate for the next few months.

According to its founder, a number of projects will be released, but mostly singles. One of those, Lose Your Love, by his father, will be released on Valentine’s Day.

For Markus Myrie, the song is a personal statement.

“Lose Your Love was recorded when I went to visit him while he was out on bail. It’s a very beautiful song and I know everyone will love it,” he said.




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