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Marley Says He is Not Father of Lauryn Hill’s Child exclusively broke the news and Lauryn officially confirmed the report over the weekend, by formally announcing that she’s pregnant.

Most people assumed that Lauryn’s sixth child was with the father of her five other children,  Rohan Marley ,But, there’s drama surrounding the pregnancy and confirmed with a rock solid source, that Lauryn is TELLING PEOPLE that Rohan is the father.

But Rohan Marley spoke out yesterday and denied that he is the father of Lauryn’s latest child.

According to Rohan, who is now a mogul in the coffee business, the child is someone else’s…

When we say Rohan is a mogul, we’re not exaggerating. Rohan is selling MARLEY COFFEE around the world. It’s in stores nationwide, including Whole Foods.

Rohan Marley is the son of the late reggae superstar, Bob Marley.

(Parts of this article were written with content submitted in publication)

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