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Masked individual shoots man on Bay Road

The Violent Crimes Unit was called out to investigate a shooting incident that occurred Friday night shortly after 11 p.m. According to Police information, a masked individual shot 31-year-old Javid Saddler on the Bay Road, near Coury’s hardware company.

It is not immediately known what condition the victim is in, but it is believed he was shot in the mid-section of the body. He is undergoing treatment at the JNF General Hospital.

This latest incident comes quickly on the heals of Thursday’s double murder in Central Basseterre, which prompted a statement from Acting Minister of National Security Mark Brantley. Earlier in the week, there were shootings in Newtown and The Village.

In his statement, he assured the general public that the Government is committed to fighting crime, and that substantial resources have been allocated to the task. However, he said that crime is a societal problem and requires commitment from the law-abiding citizens of the society.

He said, “Crime is a societal problem, and all the spending and policing in the world will not eradicate it from our midst unless we have a change in hearts and minds, and unless our people in our homes and our schools and our churches and our communities decide to stand together in solemn solidarity to arrest this problem.”

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