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Massive Turn Out Expected for Runako’s Funeral


No specific date has been officially announced by the family, but indications are that a memorial service will take place in Trinidad, his adopted home for the past few years, before his remains are returned to his land of birth, Nevis, for the final farewell.

It is also expected to be a time of great sorrow, reflection and an agonizing sadness, for the family of Morton, who also represented Nevis, the Leeward Islands and Trinidad, in regional cricket.

Already, the island’s political leader, Premier Joseph Parry, himself a former outstanding cricketer, has offered the assistance and facilitation of his Administration, to ease the logistical and perhaps other burdens associated with such an occasion.

The Premier has been quoted as confirming that a memorial service for Mr. Morton is being planned in Trinidad, to be followed by an open funeral service in Nevis given by the Morton family and the Nevis Island Administration.  He said further that the number and calibre of people who are planning to attend will shock Nevisians and highlight how greatly regarded he (Morton) was.

“We must all realize that we live in a world where some persons play a bigger role than others, and honour should be given where honour is due.

“If you look you will see that a host of persons have sent tributes or have promised to attend his funeral including Jamaican cricketer and former West Indies captain, Chris Gayle; persons from as far away as New Zealand, and other important persons from the cricketing world”.

“One can see that Mr. Morton was a leader who made a mark for himself, his family and most importantly for Nevis,” said Premier Parry.

Runako Morton died in a traffic accident in Trinidad, on 4th March while travelling home from a cricket game. He moved to Trinidad following his marriage to a national of that country.

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