Media Has sensationalized Events says COP

Commissioner Walwyn stated, “We have some of the news media sensationalizing some of the events here.” He said before he came to St. Kitts, believe it or not, he was a little nervous to come here, because he had heard so much negative and read so much negative (stories) in the newspaper. “When I came to St. Kitts, I said whoa, this is not like they are talking, “ said Walwyn.

 “They are spreading bad information about the place and when you read it on the internet, it sounds like this country has gone, in a hand basket and St. Kitts and Nevis is not that way.” 

The head of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force has already engaged media personnel in a forum to hear concerns and ideas on how to improve the information flow to ensure timely and factual reporting. 

“I want the media to be a part of what we are doing because there is a lot of misinformation.” 

Walwyn also referred to an article which appeared in a popular U.S.-based publication. 

The reporter “cut my statement in half and sensationalized it because it sounded better while it was cut in half. We need to stop spreading these false rumours about what’s happening here. … We do have crime, like anywhere else, but most of our crime is isolated,” Commissioner Walwyn stated 

The media were promised that the police force’s press and public relations officer and other senior members would be willing to provide any information requested as long as it does not compromise on-going investigations.


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