Media Practitioners Participate in Financial Workshop

In a workshop put on by the bank on Thursday 6th July, 2012, media workers not only from St. Kitts and Nevis but others in the OECS were educated about the workings of the regional financial institution and the finer points about various financial matters. 

The media personnel were also engaged in numerous games based on the material being covered.
The course covered three main topics which included bank interest rates in the ECCU, delivered by ECCB Adviser Sybil Welsh. 
Participants exchanged views on key matters regarding the determinants and impact of interest rates and credit demand in the ECCU. 
The ECCB Bank Examiner, Angela Rouse, spoke about bank supervision and regulation in the ECCU, highlighting the ECCB’s role in promoting a sound financial system through regulation and supervision of institutions licensed under the Banking Act. 
The final topic covered financial sector stability and the ECCU eight point Stabilisation and Growth Programme that highlighted the ECCB’s role in maintaining financial sector stability through the continuous implantation of certain elements of the programme. 
The course received high marks from media workers who praised the organizers for the timely exchange and education about one of the most critical financial institutions in the OECS.

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