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Meet Perle Lama -The Singer Reinventing Zouk Music

Coached by her family, she became a disciplined and talented singer. “When I moved to France at the age of 9, my mother started training me,” Perle remembers. “She would take it very seriously, waking me up at 6 a.m. in the middle of winter and make me run and sing a Whitney Houston song at the same time… it was like military training!” Her efforts paid off. Perle was the first singer to bring zouk music to France. Quickly, professionals saw in her songs the renewal of a genre: reggae accents and R&B beats would create melodies never heard before. 

Today, Perle Lama is eager for new experiences. “I decided to come and live in New York for one or two years because I think I can evolve, musically speaking,” says the beautiful young woman, who fell in love with the city during a vacation four years ago. In the Big Apple, she wants to bring an American touch to her songs and open up to hip hop and America R&B influences. In Brooklyn, where she has been living for three months, she works with DJ Spank, well known for his collaboration with Joey Starr on several French film soundtracks. She is currently working on her new album, which should be released next September. “I already have recorded seven tracks,” she says, “I am very excited to share them with my audience!” 

The album, called Perle, Love and Hit, which will feature zouk songs, will stick to the genre that made her famous. A second album will be released at the end of the year, illustrating her new start in New York City. An excellent dancer,Perle Lama is also opening the Pearl Studio in the heart of Manhattan, where she will teach amateurs how to dance zouk and kizomba.


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