Methodist Church says ‘no’ to homosexuality

St. Lucia News Online:  

The issue of homosexuality is being increasingly debated in our region.

The Methodist Church is aware that in some jurisdictions those who are involved in this behaviour are pushing and influencing politicians to enact laws to protect their rights in this regard.

The Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA), with other Christian denominations, acknowledge that human sexuality is God’s gift for intimacy and procreation. We affirm that in the marriage bond, intimacy and procreation find their highest fulfilment. A deviation from Christian principles (Romans 1: 26-27), is neither condoned nor accepted by the MCCA.

The MCCA affirms the claims of equality between the sexes, freedom of choice, and the protection of the right of persons to express their identity. The MCCA declares that homosexuality can never be a viable alternative for human relationships without perverting the divine intention for male and female relationships (Genesis 1 – 3). Based on God’s intention for the created order (Genesis 1: 27-28), homosexuality is a deviation, and its influence is disruptive to the cohesiveness of the family unit, which is the cornerstone of life in society.

The MCCA recognizes that homosexuality is a contentious issue which raises other contentious issues as to whether it is a condition of birth, or a learned behaviour; and that there is a necessity for continuing medical, psychological and sociological research on this issue.

Furthermore, the MCCA also respects the rights of every individual to live a life free of discrimination and therefore condemns intolerance, homophobic violence and exclusionary practices against persons of a different sexual orientation.

The MCCA upholds that all persons can enter into reconciling and transforming relationships with God and others through Jesus Christ, and participate in the life of the Church Community (2 Corinthians 5: 17 -19). The MCCA therefore commits itself to ministering to all areas of human brokenness by offering pastoral care and counselling and establishing through teaching the Biblical and theological precepts.

The Methodist Church wants to emphatically state that same-sex contractual covenants shall neither be solemnized nor blessed on Methodist Properties. Ministers, Probationers and Marriage Officers who are members of the Methodist Church shall neither solemnize nor bless same-sex covenants. With this, we call on the government to show commitment by stating its position clearly that this behaviour will not be accepted in our society. God bless our nation and make it great and strong.

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