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Michael Jordan banished from a Miami Beach country club for violating their dress code

The NY Post’s Page Six reports that Jordan ruffled feathers at the exclusive Miami Beach country club when he showed up on the putting green wearing cargo pants.


Club rules specifically state that gentleman (and their guests) must “be attired in a collared shirt and Bermuda shorts” while on the golf course, according to the Post.

But Jordan placed himself above the stalwarts of the country club and their petty rules. So when Jordan was offered the chance to go back to the clubhouse and change into a more suitable outfit, he politely declined.


The source added that Jordan, who was enjoying a round of golf with a club member, was repeatedly approached about his rules infringement, “but he played on anyway.”


Page Six’s source added that other members complained bitterly about Jordan breaking the rules. “He won’t be invited back,” said the source.

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