MICHAEL VICK Richest Bankrupt Dude EVER!!!

Vick is required to submit financial documents to the bankruptcy court … documents which TMZ has obtained.  From July – Sept., 2011, Vick earned $11,781,848.68.  

Here’s how the big stuff breaks down.  On Sept. 13th, the Philadelphia Eagles sent Vick a check for $5,838,883.57.  On the same day, the Eagles sent him another check for a measly $349,464.54.  On Sept. 20th, Vick got another check from the Eagles for $359,484.99.  And on Sept. 27, the Eagles sent him another $340,012.13. In September alone, the Eagles, sent him around $6.8 million.

But Vick is fueling the American economy as well, because his expenses are humongous.  Between July – Sept., 2011, Vick spent $6,636,805.73.  Of that, $47,500 went to alimony and child support.  And the dreaded lawyers and accountants got $1,372,070 for bankruptcy services.  Vick’s living expenses, not including his mortgage, are $73,000.  

Oh yeah, the whole government thing — $4,873,290.91 in taxes. Tea anyone?


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