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Michelle Obama COVERS The 2011 October Issue Of “ESSENCE”


“My story to young people around this country and around the world is, Don’t look at me as the First Lady first; look at me as Michelle Obama, a girl who grew up on the South Side of Chicago. Because I was there, and this is attainable. There is no magic to this. It is hard work….”October_ESSENCE_Cover

In the article, “The Leading Lady,” she also talks about using her life and journey as an inspirational tool for young women, showing them that anything is possible if you work hard.  And Mrs. Obama also lands on the mag’s annual ‘2011 Power List,’ along with Oprah Winfrey, Valerie Jarrett and Shonda Rhimes.

When asked about Mrs. Obama, ESSENCE Editor-in-Chief Constance C.R. White said,

“Michelle Obama is the quintessential ESSENCE woman; impressively defining herself on her own terms. Opening up to ESSENCE about living her most authentic life – by following her passions and unapologetically investing in herself and her family — Michelle Obama is embracing her purpose and channeling her power. She is undoubtedly poised to become one of the country’s most popular and productive First Ladies.”














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