Microsoft Introduces Jamaican-Built Windows Phone App, Grik.Ly is a dynamic business networking application that allows users to easily share contact details. The Windows Phone app goes beyond standard online address books by integrating location and or event details of the contact meeting, with seamless updates of the contact’s data such as job titles, numbers, email addresses as they change over time. Through the app, confers the ability to understand a business prospect, their behaviour and overall graphically showcase the users’ current levels of connectedness.

Dwayne Samuels, Xormis co-founder and developer shared why they chose to use Windows Phone as the starting point for their app, “We are .NET developers and so building on the Windows platform was much quicker. It made the process easier all round – easy to get to market, easy to test and also the technology is much more scalable because of Azure (Microsoft’s cloud technology). In fact, when it comes to building out on to other mobile platforms we still use the Microsoft Cloud as the foundation.”

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