Miley Cyrus Update: Liam Hemsworth’s Car Still at House

But while Liam was vacationing in Australia with brother Chris Hemsworth and family he left his car parked in his fiancée’s driveway at her Los Angeles house.


E! News has also learned that Chris Hemsworth is back in L.A., but Liam’s still overseas.

The Hunger Games star made his first official appearance post–breakup rumors on Friday in Manila, Philippines. Bench, a local clothing line Liam signed on as brand ambassador for last summer, Instagrammed a pic of Miley’s man looking relaxed and happy during an interview.


And even though Liam isn’t close by, Miley’s far from alone back in L.A. A source tells E! News that British fashion It girl Cara Delevingne is staying at the singer’s home. (The duo hung out last month during New York Fashion Week.)


Plus, Evan Rachel Wood tweeted her support for the bride-to-be on Thursday.


Evan initially wrote a rant about celebs’ invasion of privacy: “The fact that we live in a world which condones the stripping of basic human rights (dignity, privacy, etc.) of people because of their status, is very sad to me,” she mused. “We need to have higher standards for ourselves as people and a society.”


Miley retweeted the pregnant star’s post, then wrote, “I [heart] @evanrachelwood Thank you for always speaking the truth #badbitchcontestyoureinfirstplace”

Reprinted from E News

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