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Minister Liburd Urges Females to Protect Dignity

To help mark the occasion and to place a stamp of awareness today on the special day,  Minister of Gender Affairs, Marcel Liburd, has called on women protect their dignity, their self-respect, and their sense of honour.

In a Message aired on local radio and television, Liburd said her country is joining the celebration, as the nation’s girls and women, stride competently into all fields of endeavour.

“Let us remind them, at the same time, to commit themselves to protecting that which is best and most admirable about them as far as their dignity, their self-respect, and their own sense of honour are concerned, in spite of the lewd lyrics we hear – whether local or foreign and the lure of every new racy trend, craze or fad,” stated Ms. Liburd.

She added “One week ago, for example, I was sent an advertisement, along with a poster, which I was told, had been running for several days on a leading internet news-site here in the Federation. The advert and the poster were obscene and vulgar.  As a member of our society, which is being so adversely impacted by headlines, posters, articles and events of this nature, I say “Stop!!” As someone who cares about the future of our country, and simply as a human being, I say “Stop!!” And I am appealing to all sponsors, promoters, photographers, performers and the media to join me in this demand.”

The Minister said that there has been an increasing outbreak of rapes, indecent assaults, and other sex-related crimes in recent years; many involving children and very young children.

She further stated that being stimulated by the foreign media and the internet, society has moved into a pornographic and “base direction.”
The Minister has made an appeal to all parents, guardians, community leaders, social groups and the media, to join in withdrawing this worrying trend branded by a general coarseness and callousness in homes, streets and communities.

She continued, “As we commemorate International Women’s Day, and as we reflect on the overwhelming impact of these obscenities on our society, let us as thinking, concerned and caring citizens and residents, recognize that there is a direct link between these kinds of events and our high rate of teenage pregnancy, neglected and abused children, sexual assaults and juvenile delinquency, often leading to alienation, criminality and social instability.”

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