Ministry of education says it’s troubled by recent actions of Teachers Union

Reacting to the matters raised in last Friday’s Teachers Union press conference, the Ministry of Education said, “This course of action is very troubling even at a time when the Union appears to be making public calls for dialogue and for action to be taken in the best interest of all concerned – teachers, students and the wider community.”

The Ministry said it is calling for sobriety, transparency and a genuine expression of goodwill on all sides, and awaits an opportunity to meet with all stakeholders.

A meeting was called for last Friday, 18th July, by the Ministry, with the Union, but the SKTU indicated that it needed more time to study the reports sent to them last Tuesday.

“On Tuesday 15 July the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health published the CARPHA and CARIRI reports and made available to all stakeholders – Basseterre High School management, the PTA and the Teachers’ Union – a copy of the reports. Electronic copies were circulated as requested and hard copies were delivered to the above-named stakeholders,” said the government release.

It added that the Ministry requested since Tuesday that a meeting be held (Friday 18 July) to discuss the report and the findings and recommendations made by the independent, expert investigators.

The School management indicated that they required more time to read the reports. The Ministry agreed to the request to defer the meeting, and meetings are now planned with the leadership of the school, the PTA and the Teachers’ Union for Monday July 21 at 2:00 p.m. A further meeting has been planned with parents and teachers for Wednesday July 23 at 5:00 p.m. at the Washington Archibald High School (WAHS).

“However, it is now clear that in place of meeting with the Ministry as we originally proposed, the Teachers’ Union has used the time to organize a media appearance on Winn FM on Friday July 18 and its own meeting on Monday July 21. These have come as a surprise to the Ministry as we were hoping to meet before these kinds of actions could have even been contemplated,” said the release.

There is no indication when a new date will be set for the joint meeting.


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