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Ministry of Health introduces new emergency vehicles

The Ministry is also confident that these new vehicles would help to ease the pressure on the larger ambulances.

The tri-ambulettes were handed over to the government last week along with a set of emergency bags which were donated by Women’s Health Alliance (WAHA) International of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Minister of Health Marcella Liburd said, “Sometimes, especially when we have these sporting events, like cricket and so on, the ambulances are based at the sporting arena at the venue and sometimes we have external calls for them, while they are stationed there – hours or sometimes days on end.” 

“These mini-ambulances will really free up our ambulances.  So that we can station them there at sporting events because they are fully equip and will be able to handle any emergencies that arise in an efficient manner.”

Minister Liburd further informed that 13 mini-ambulances had been donated.  Ten would remain in St. Kitts while three would go to Nevis.  She said that they would certainly have another specific role to play.

“Also these tri-ambulettes give us a chance to give greater outreach in our communities,” Minister Liburd stressed noting the emergency vehicle’s importance.   “We need them so we can take the health services, more efficiently into our communities, to be able to better assist more persons with their health issues.  I think that these tri-ambulettes will go a very long way in doing that and satisfying the needs and concerns of persons in St. Kitts and Nevis.”

Other outlined uses for the tri-ambulettes included being used at blood drives, community fairs, schools and National Carnival events, particularly on crowded occasions such as Carnival’s J’ouvert.



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