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But the Denzil Douglas was anything but confident.  He knew that he’d be defeated. He knew that Sam Condor and Timothy

Harris would support the Motion. And he has been running scared for the last two months–a totally unheard of delay in any

self-respecting, modern society and democracy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: No Confidence Motions are as important as elections. The only difference between the

two is that elections come about once every five years and are determined directly by the votes of the people, while No

Confidence Motions can come at any time, and are determined by the votes of the people’s elected representatives in

Parliament. And just as it is utterly sacrilegious to deny the people their right to a free and fair vote at elections, it’s equally

sacrilegious to deny them their right to kick out a Government through a No Confidence Vote.

The No Confidence Vote is the  people’s  ultimate  and only  constitutional and parliamentary tool to keep a Government in

check between elections.And instead of acting in  accordance with set parliamentary protocols, and with respect, decency

and accountability in Government, and  instead of standing up like a man to face the parliamentary music, the Prime Minister

is exposing his cowardice and ugliness.

He’s cheating the people of their rights under their Constitution. He said on the radio that he and his colleagues aren’t in

favour of the Motion. And that’s okay. But we don’t want to hear him say so in a press conference. We want to hear him say

so in Parliament as he faces the Motion. He also says that people are making a song and dance about the Motion. And so

they should! The Motion is a fundamental element of our constitution and democracy. It’s a big, big deal. It cannot and must

not be downplayed.

The reality of the  situation is that Denzil Douglas is heading up a minority Government. We recall that following the 4:4 tie

between PAM and Labour in the 1993 elections, he took to the airwaves to protest the action of then Governor-General,

Sir Clement Arrindell, for swearing in Dr. Kennedy Simmonds and his 5-member minority Government. He said that  the Labour

Party had received more votes than had PAM and NRP combined in that election. And that the PAM-NRP Government had no

legitimacy. But what do we have today? Douglas leads up a 5-person Government, while 6 elected Parliamentarians

representing 54% of the popular vote in the general elections of January 25, 2010, will vote in favour of the Motion to kick

him out.Simple arithmetic!! The same arithmetic that Douglas likes to talk about has now come to bite him in the backside!

And he cannot handle it!

Is there a difference between 1993 and 2013? No. The fact that Douglas had won (and I use the word “won” loosely, even

recklessly) a majority of seats in the 2010 elections gives him no more legitimacy than if he had formed a 5-member

Government  at the time. I also heard one caller to a radio show today claim that as long as Sam Condor and Timothy Harris

remain on the Government’s backbenches in Parliament, Denzil Douglas has a majority Government. Utter rubbish.

Democracy is not a static phenomenon. It is dynamic, and the Constitution feeds into that need for it to be dynamic,

providing remedies, recipes and guidance for situations as they arise from time to time. The overarching consideration for all

to face is that  Condor and Harris would, and will, vote in favour of the Motion. So their being on the Government

backbenches is absolutely no excuse  for Douglas or his surrogates  to claim a majority Government, and to continue hiding

from the voice of the people.

Indeed, if they really believed what they ‘re saying, they wouldn’t be so afraid to face the Motion in Parliament. Denzil

Douglas is on trial here. He cannot be allowed to decide if and when his trial will take place. That’s not how justice works.

And he must not be allowed to get away with it. He now heads up a minority Government.He’s in the same situation  as 

Kennedy Simmonds  was  in 1993, only worse, because the people of this country have a bigger book to throw at him today

than they had to throw at Kennedy Simmonds  20 years ago.

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