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Miss Antigua Aalilyah Thomas

She is the middle child, with a younger brother, Amari and an older sister, Anisha. Her two passions in life are philanthropy and acting. It was her passion for acting that led her to join the Antigua Youth Theatre Group. Her natural aptitude for acting also enabled her to procure the lead role of Annalyse in their recent dramatic production of ‘In Her Shoes’. She hopes that her talent will make it possible for her to one day become a well known Actress/Producer when she will be affluent enough to donate a percentage of her earnings to the International Humane Society to help protect animals. She also demonstrates he love for theatre through her writing which she enjoys doing in her spare time and lives by the quote “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people”. She wants to share her ideas with the world and join the ranks of people like Oprah Winfrey, Princess Diana and numerous other people who have left their fingerprints on the world and changed the way we live our lives.

During the cognizant part of her sixteen years she has accomplished many things such as winning her school’s Queen of the Form competition, placing 2nd in the Friends of Antigua Public Library Essay Competition and Placing 2nd in the V.C Bird Centenary Essay, Poem and Artwork competition. She has also participated in the 2010 Optimist International Contest and RBTT Young Leaders Project. She is an avid reader and you can often find her getting lost in the world of Panem (Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins). When she is not reading, she can be found playing with her dogs Zsa Zsa and Lhlier or traveling to some exotic country to learn about their culture. Just like any other human being, she has her strength and weaknesses. Her core strengths are that she works well with others.

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