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Miss Development Bank is Sashed

Shalloyda and Kalia have one thing in common as both are the in Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis stable. Miss Huggins was sponsored by the Development Bank last year, while Miss Hewlett received the Bank’s sash on Monday December 17.
At a colourful ceremony held outside the Development Bank’s building at the corner of Church and Central Streets, under the watchful eye of the Bank’s General Manager, Mr Lenworth Harris, Miss Hewlett was sashed by Business Support Officer, Mrs Vernitha Maynard, and witnessed by Ms Nisharma Rattan-Mack, Chairperson of the Pageants Committee, Sugar Mas 41.
“Last year the Development Bank sponsored Miss Huggins who won the title,” observed Mrs Maynard. “Miss Hewlett is enthused by the idea of taking over from Miss Huggins, and has demonstrated her seriousness by having two experienced persons, Ms Lavern Morton and Ms Markysa O’Loughlin to handle her. We at the Development Bank wish her the best.”
Standing 5 feet 8 inches tall, Shalloyda is filled with ambition, enthusiasm and charisma, and credits all these qualities to her father who she has a very special love and respect for and she thinks of him as her hero.
She attended the St. Theresa’s Covent School and furthered her educational pursuit at the Basseterre High School and then at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College where she balanced academia and art by also being an active member/dancer in the CFBS Dance Ensemble.
“I have been practising a lot, tirelessly and with Development Bank in my corner, I definitely think that I will be the next National Carnival Queen,” said Miss Hewlett. “I am aware of the huge task ahead of me and I won’t let the Bank or even my parents down, not after the hard work they have been doing.’

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