Miss Labour Pageant Slated for Saturday 30th April

According to organizers of the pageant, each contestant will make appearances in Evening Wear, Talent, Creative Wear and Promotional Speech. They will also feature in an opening fanfare.

As a prelude to the competition, the contestants are expected to participate in a promotional motorcade through the streets of Basseterre, on Friday 23rd April.

Pageant Coordinator, Mr. Vincent Fough has also disclosed that the delegates are due to be hosted at a cocktail party by Political Leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas.

The contestants vying for the coveted Miss labour title are 19-year-old Davina Doras-Cranstoun, 18-year-old Nakita James, 15-year-old Crystal Boyles,16 year-old Zaiesha Joseph,  17-year-old Jackiema Flemming; 14 year old Vekeich Connor, 16-year-old Sheniqua Cannonier, 19-year-old Zarema Pemberton,

Mr. Fough said that a sideshow is being planned at which the main band will be The Grand Masters.

The winners and other contestants from the pageant are also scheduled to participate in the traditional Labour Day March planned for Monday 2nd May and the Annual Labour Party Conference on May 15th.




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