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This was the commitment of owner and Managing Director of, Val Henry. 

On Friday 3rd December 2010, officially launches its website to the public and as part of the “celebration launch”, the general public is receiving the opportunity to win season tickets to the Sugar Mas’ 2010 festivities. 

According to Henry, “In so doing, we have organised a small but hopefully important contest online where the viewers of the website will be able to win two free season tickets for Sugar Mas 2010. All they have to do is to go online to and fill out the appropriate section, which is the (Win 2 FREE Season Tickets for Sugar Mas’) section and give the answers to ‘Who were the first five Carnival Queens and who were the first five Calypso Kings for National Carnival’. 

All forms, according to Henry, “must be completed online at and must be submitted online by the 24th December at which time a draw will be done with all correct answers and a winner will be posted online. In addition, we want to remind folks that they cannot send in ordinary emails.  They cannot complete any hard copy document. It must be completed online and submitted online to” 

MiyVue’s Managing Director advised that persons participating in this event should “keep close to because the announcement of the winner will be made on 24th December 2010 and it will only be announced on the website.” 

He further advised that the announcement will be made at about 4:00 on that day, Christmas Eve only on

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