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Monday Morning Murder

According to Inspector Vaughn Henderson, from the Public Relations Department of the Police Force, at approximately 8:20am, police from the Criminal Investigations Department, (CID), received a report of a shooting in the Dorset Park area. When officers from various departments arrived on the scene they discovered the body of Bijorn Richardson, 26 years old, of Wellington Road, lying motionless on the basketball court.

According to reports, a masked armed gunman entered the northern gate of the park, shooting Richardson multiple times.

The inspector said that the victim was pronounced dead by the District Medical Officer and thereafter removed with the authorization of the Coroner and taken to a funeral home. He said that an autopsy will shortly be performed on the body, to determine the exact cause of death.

Richardson’s killing comes on the heels of another suspected murder, the day before, (on Sunday 3rd April, 2011).

The Police PRO said that on Sunday they received a report of a body being found at the Industrial Park in East Basseterre, and when they responded, they discovered the body of a 15 year girl, also of Wellington Road in Basseterre.IMG_1679

He said that when the police CID responded, after being informed at approximately 3:13pm, on Sunday, they found the remains of a Unique Browne, at an industrial building, east of the Fisheries Complex. There were obvious injuries to the head and shoulder but the detectives were unable, at the time, to determine the cause of the injuries and are also awaiting the results of the autopsy, informed Henderson.

Henderson appealed for the understanding and patience of the public and the media as the police carryout their investigations. “The detectives deserve an equal chance to get their matters straight, so we would not want any unnecessary speculations into these matters. At this stage we are undertaking the preliminary investigations, so more details will be made available, as they become known,” said Inspector Henderson.

It is reported that at the time of Richardson’s shooting this morning, he was engaged in his regular landscaping duties, cutting the grass at the Dorset Park, when the gunman shot him down. It is believed that he was an employee of the Department of Environment.



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